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Objetivo 172 tk oil show

Welcome) Im Karma! And i am flexible girl |5-15 tkns high vibration | full show in PVT

Rey de la sala:¡Da 100 tk de propina en total!
Club de Fans
Hey! I am Nika and I am 18 years old. I enjoy oriental and modern dances. I am a creative person, but since childhood, dancing has taken the first place in my heart. In my own free time, I like to draw and make videos. My dream is to painting stained glass. And I also enjoy reading novels. My future goal is to buy an investment portfolio (I am interested in this recently).
MON 18 pm - 4 am TUE 18 pm - 4 am WED 18 pm - 4 am THU OFF DAY FRI 8 am - 18 pm SAT 8 am - 18 pm
Room rules
Be polite and don't be rude; If you have a question ask us; No free requests; More fun!
Hi everyone! My name is Danta, I am 18 years old, and I am a student. I have a love for figure skating and my dream goal is to be able to compete in the Olympics. I recently started oil painting. This is a good way to relax after my figure skating practice. By the way, I love new acquaintances so do not be shy and write to me in the chat.
MON 8 am - 5 pm TUE 8 am - 5 pm THU 8 am - 6 pm FRI 18 pm - 4 am SAT 18 pm - 4 am
Some facts about us
We have more toys for play! Lovense and 3 Dildo. Lush this is our friend) Lovense control for both 1000 tks 5 min. Nika(tatto girl) very flexible. YES BDSM!