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A social panel, where we can interact both outside and inside the page and it is easier to see my daily life, and find out, it knows everything about my day to day.
About me
Well, I consider myself a very happy person, I really like nature and more anything that has to do with space, that is why I would love to study geology, I feel that the world needs a change in many different factors and I want to be a superhero and help all those parts I love the diversity of my Country and the whole world, its capitals, cultures, I love Indu culture and I mark the color yellow, because I feel that it means joy, hope and a lot of freedom ❤️
My Rules
1. I don't like mistreatment. 2. The rudeness 3. Sticking large objects into me. 4. Come to me more than 3 times a day. 5. Show a lot in public.
I am a very active boy in sports, I just had a fracture, I had to retire but without losing the dream of representing my country worldwide, and showing that my province in Colombia can, and I know that with the help of everyone I will achieve it and arrive far away, I love you !!
My Dreams
I had many dreams I was selected from Bolívar in athletics and I became a Colombian team one of my gentlemen is to touch a star and fill myself with much more knowledge with the diversity of space, I want to be a geologist, perhaps in the pages it would be a factor to know myself not both sexually if not that I take it as a global communication factor, where not only do they go and based on the morbidity that they may have, if not that it is based on the global beauty that exists in different people, since everything They are based on a canance from what it shows at first glance .



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